Caters for children from 3mths to 36mths, and have a total capacity of fifteen children (15). YCM however has space for only three (3) babies between age 3mths and one (1) year. The room is equipped with a huge variety of toys and resources that fascinates and stimulates the young minds of the children within the room. The staff ratio for this room is a minimum of one member of staff to three children and two (2) staff members for the three (3) babies. A daily diary that records and tracks the daily upkeep of these children is provided, and a cot with its bedding is individually kept for each baby.

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DESTINY ROOM:  Caters for children aged four (4) to five (5) years and has a class capacity of fifteen (15) children. Children in this class are adequately taught and prepared to pursue their destiny in the main stream schools. Children leaving this class are able to read, write, add, subtract, solve simple fractions and answer comprehension
PENIEL ROOM (Nursery): Caters for children from three (3) years to four (4) years and have a capacity of (15) fifteen children.  This room has been surrounded by labeling, good quality books, mark making, numbering and counting resources with opportunities to refine their fine motor skills. These help to prepare your child to develop the skills necessary for later reading and writing. Though the staff ratio for this age group is 1:8 we work with a ratio of 1:5 as this ensures that no child is left out, giving the children and staff a richer learning environment.
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